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The supervisory authority reviews decisions of the Minister of Justice (the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Justice) regarding the approval of legal aid providers. News, updates and information for legal aid lawyers. There are several places where you can get free legal help. You must bring your subpoena when you see a lawyer or apply for legal aid. It contains information that must appear on the legal aid application form. Legal aid is government funding to pay for legal aid for people who cannot afford a lawyer. Legal aid reports list all payments to businesses for the relevant period. Find out what to do if you disagree with a legal aid decision and how to request a review or revision of a legal aid decision. Find out about repaying legal aid, if you need to make repayments, how to make repayments, if there are any repayment problems and if your debts are secured by a property you own. It`s a good idea to contact your lawyer if you need to fill out other legal aid forms. You can view and download all legal aid forms in PDF format. The Debt Management Unit is responsible for collecting and guaranteeing outstanding mutual legal assistance claims.

They are the first point of contact for clients with outstanding legal aid debt. This section contains all legal aid and provider forms. You must apply for legal aid as soon as you have been charged or received a summons. Don`t wait for your first day in court. Legal aid is considered a loan. You may have to repay some or all of your legal aid, depending on how much you earn, what property you own and whether you receive money or property as a result of your case. Find out about criminal legal aid: your lawyer will help you apply for legal aid. You will receive a copy of the legal aid application form. Contact the Wellington or Auckland office with the details below.

You can use these legal aid forms in PDF format to apply for help. To apply for legal aid, you need information about your income, assets, financially dependent children and the case in which you are involved. You can get help from a lawyer, clerk or legal aid staff member. Mail: SX11295 WellingtonPhone: 0800 600 090Email: Your first step is to find a lawyer you want to advise and represent. Legal aid is an important part of the New Zealand justice system. It helps people solve legal problems that may go to court and ensures that people are not deprived of justice because they cannot afford a lawyer. The Provider Services team is responsible for approving and closing legal aid lawyers. They can help with applications for legal aid services and answer questions about the legal aid services contract. For more information, see Legal Aid Learn how legal aid clients can complain about their legal aid lawyer. The Tribunal consists of a Chairperson and members who deal with all reviews. All members are lawyers with extensive legal experience. The Legal Aid Tribunal reviews decisions made by the Commissioner of Legal Services concerning legal aid recipients.

The reviewing authority reviews decisions taken by the Minister of Justice on who can provide legal aid. Information on how to apply as a legal aid provider or apply for admission to another area of law. Information for lawyers and legal aid providers on policy changes piloted under CPIP. Find out if you can get legal help, how to apply for legal aid and how to find a lawyer. If you are an approved legal aid provider or have applied to become a legal aid provider, you can ask the authority to review a decision. Find out what help you can get if you are involved in litigation or difficulties. Find out what to expect from your lawyer. The operational reports list all criminal legal aid orders issued for the period.

Find out about your legal aid lawyer, paying a legal aid debt and what legal aid forms are available. There are a number of aids available for those involved in disputes or difficulties. The Legal Aid Court reviews decisions taken by the Commissioner for Legal Services on the granting of legal aid. Contains guidelines on applying for admission as a legal aid provider, reviewing and monitoring legal aid providers, complaints and reviewing the performance of legal aid providers. There are several ways you can repay your mutual legal assistance debt. You can learn more about how to pay off your debt and who to contact. You can get information on how to handle personal and family disputes, including how to agree on how to care for your children after a relationship breakdown, and the different options available inside and outside the courts. If you have been charged with a crime, you can: Health and safetyThere may be restrictions on the number of people who are not directly involved in the proceedings and who may physically be in courtrooms and courthouses. To protect the safety of all court participants and employees, you can expect the following health and safety measures to be taken when you visit the court: .