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Yokosuka Naval Base Legal Office

For legal questions regarding soldier misconduct, please contact the Defence Services Office, DSN 243-8903. Mr. Terry Spearman, Paralegal, XVIII Airborne Corps, Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, Legal Assistance, Fort Bragg, North Carolina The Yokosuka AB Legal Aid Office is at your disposal. Legal assistance may include advice on matters such as financial and consumer matters, disaster relief and advice, family law, foreclosure advice and advice, immigration, notarial services, powers of attorney, landlord and tenant matters, civil defence law for military personnel, Small Claims Court matters, victim support, and wills/estate planning. Pre-deployment services are a priority. Please contact your local office to find out how best to meet your needs prior to deployment. Mr. Seltzer has demonstrated his commitment to clients and the broader military community. He worked tirelessly for more than eighteen months researching and advocating for a change in New Jersey Department of Taxation policies that penalized non-resident service members. In the spring of 2019, a tax bulletin amended the definition of “permanent residence” to exclude housing paid for by government housing allowances. This change, which was made without legislation or public notice, resulted in several legal aid clients receiving communications alleging that they had not properly registered as non-residents.

The efforts of Mr. Seltzer, both internally, in collaboration with the Army Legal Aid Policy Division and the Armed Forces Tax Council, and externally, to find a New Jersey attorney, resulted in New Jersey reversing the rule change and initiating reimbursements to affected military personnel. Lord. Seltzer has demonstrated other notable achievements, such as advocating for legislation unanimously approved by the Maryland General Assembly to extend the property tax exemption to 100% disabled veterans, as well as his ongoing advocacy for an exemption from approval of the Maryland Phone Tapping Act that would allow survivors of domestic violence to admit audio recordings as corroborating evidence. These efforts reflect the dedication and attention to detail that Mr. Seltzer brings to his work every day. The Office of the Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) is the facility`s representative for the following programs: private employment at and outside the base, private organizations; reinstatement of driving privileges and appeals; and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act requests. With the exception of applications on the basis, as described below, sign the relevant application documents electronically and submit them to the CFAY. Our office will contact you after reviewing your files if you have any questions or concerns. Each year, the Standing Committee on Legal Assistance to Military Personnel has the honour of selecting recipients of the AMP Distinguished Service Awards. The individuals selected for the award are individuals and entities who have set the bar for military legal assistance by making themselves known and promoting their practices in an exceptional manner.

Captain Mitchell McCulley was distinguished by his superior performance and achievements as a lawyer. The Parris Island Legal Services Support Team (OHSA-PI) Legal Support Office experienced a 60% reduction due to staff turnover, while the office experienced a 33% year-over-year increase in clients. During this time, Captain McCulley excelled through these challenges, diligently leading the office with innovative methods to effectively manage files, maintain client overflow, and train five officers, three salaried staff and one civilian paralegal. During his tenure as Legal Aid Officer, Captain McCulley undertook to enroll in and complete the Legal Center & School of the Judge Advocate General`s Legal Aid Course and Tax Law Course. These courses have greatly enhanced his ability to effectively support clients and set up the tax center for calendar year 2021. In addition, Captain McCulley has assisted the Administrative Law Department by chairing several administrative separation committees. The Western Pacific Legal Aid Department of the Regional Bureau of Legal Services (RLSO) has renewed and adapted its practice to provide legal assistance to our country`s Advanced Service members during the ongoing pandemic. RLSO Western Pacific has partnered with Department of Homeland Security officials to resume military naturalizations in Japan for the first time since October 2019. These efforts resulted in 121 naturalization interviews and 105 new Americans at Western Pacific RLSO events.

The Legal Aid Division focused on personnel service in the Western Pacific by conducting 100 deployments for nearly 3,700 soldiers, retirees, Department of Defence civilians and dependents. SRO Western Pacific has also enhanced its preventative legal documents in an effort to answer common questions from potential clients without the need for a lawyer appointment.