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Download all documents relevant to each case in one place so you can access and retrieve them at any time. Separate them and organize them by case, client, court or type of dispute. Use the search function of this legal case management software to quickly retrieve important information. Connect your case management application to your organization`s existing systems, such as CRM, payroll, or other third-party software, and get uninterrupted access to the information you need. Access your legal case management application from anywhere. Simply log in to Zoho Creator from your mobile browser or download our native apps for iOS, Android, and Apple Watch. CRM software is essential to keep customer contracts, correspondence and invoices centralized and accessible. With Zoho CRM integration, you can manage contacts and instantly sync financial data to get a holistic view of each customer on a single page. Your request could not be processed at this time.

Please try again later. If the problem persists, let us know Monitor end-to-end case flow, manage client information, store legal documents, and empower your lawyers to make data-driven decisions. With our intuitive and easy-to-use online dispute management software, you can efficiently manage your law firm`s affairs while promoting accountability and increasing transparency. Get actionable visibility into the number of monthly cases to ensure your organization`s results meet your business goals. Comprehensive dashboards and visualizations built into this case management software help you eliminate blind spots, with an overview of your company`s work. Make informed predictions about your business by evaluating cases won and closed per month. Track events in your folders in the central calendar, where you can create appointments and view events relevant to specific cases. Any application powered by Zoho Creator is instantly available on any device or operating system, allowing you to manage legal affairs in your hands and on your desktop.

Save valuable time to focus on what`s important: your customers. Add any number of customers and their identifiable data. Organize information in a structured way by classifying it into customers, opposing customers, and witnesses. Organize each legal case exactly with the respective clients and quickly turn this legal case management software into a legal CRM! Security and data protection are essential components of our software. We store customer data in our own private data centers, and every data exchange is fully encrypted. You must be logged in to report inappropriate content. Alternatively, you can send us a message to explaining the situation. Store all legal issues and manage client onboarding in one place so your lawyers can access information at all times. Get a complete view of your organization`s ongoing cases with detailed case histories and progress reports. Set up notifications for each case update, identify conflicts at hearing dates, and ensure your organization`s results meet business objectives.

In a rapidly changing world, companies are constantly looking for innovative, process-driven case management software that can achieve their goals. This creates a critical need for applications that are easy to extend and adapt to new information. Can I add my company`s logo and terms and conditions to my invoices? Today`s business landscape is more dynamic than ever: global supply chains are becoming more complex, regulatory measures are becoming more common, and distribution models are diversifying. The demand for a powerful CLM system that facilitates management and makes the most of your contracts. “There have been cases where lawyers have not contacted potential clients assuming their case has been taken over by someone else. Sometimes our partner is not immediately informed of new cases, which delays follow-up,” she explains. Streamline your litigation firm`s case management system Improve efficiency, reduce turnaround times, and increase productivity with a custom case management solution with Zoho Creator. Case management is a collaborative process that allows organizations to streamline the process of assessing, planning and simplifying cases to meet their business needs.

These are several unstructured processes in which important data from different systems is collected and analyzed in order to decide on appropriate actions. You won`t be able to share this app until it`s published. All new folders transferred to this module are assigned to Ms. Tresa Sweely by default and marked as “New Case”. Manage lawyers, lawyers, and all other employees in your firm so that case assignments can be made in real time. Link the lawyer`s details to the records for quick identification and correlation. Track billing hours and payment details from a lawyer to streamline billing and increase profits. Synchronize case publication data with the appropriate courts and presiding judges so lawyers can track their workload. Collect payments in advance with advance invoices from Zoho Invoice. Preload your statement to tailor it to how you plan and your projects.

Zoho Invoice automatically tracks and reminds you to apply advance credits to a customer`s invoice balance. Leotta works as an office worker at Zylker Legal, a law firm specializing in cases against companies that behave unethically towards their employees, clients and other businesses. “New customers usually contact us by phone. You can get our number by word of mouth or on our website. We use spreadsheets to capture new cases and track them individually,” she says. With a personalized view, lawyers can search for cases labeled “New Case,” select the ones they want to take on, and reassign the files to themselves. This action converts the record and moves it to the Customers module. Empower your sales teams to shorten their sales cycles with Zoho Contracts. Sales reps can initiate new deals and track their status directly from the transaction record in CRM. You can also ask the contract holder in Zoho Contracts to initiate negotiations and signatures without leaving the CRM.

The most common use cases include incident management, ad hoc team projects, and handling employee requests, claims, and complaints. Case management can be divided into several common types of processes: decision making, service requests, incident management and investigations. Could you take a moment to give us a glimpse of your experience? Recurring invoices can be adjusted for a set period or a perpetual deposit. You no longer need to send invoices individually. Schedule recurring invoices and sit back while Zoho Invoice sends them and automatically bills your customers. Efficiently streamline your contract lifecycle management (CLM) process with our feature-rich platform and ensure compliance at scale with reduced costs. Keep track of your business contracts wherever you go. The Zoho Contracts iOS app has a custom mobile dashboard that gives you an overview of key contract metrics.

The app also offers all the features you need when you`re away from your desk. If a new case is not selected by a lawyer three days after being added to the database, it loses the New Case tag. An automated email with details of the unselected case is sent to her partner, Ms. Sweely. You`ve already signed up for a paid plan. Please cancel this subscription before you can begin. First, we renamed the modules to Zylker`s CRM account and adapted them to their business processes.